Your destination for 'No-frills' Product Design & Development.

PDD consult will deliver a complete & integrated solution based on client's product specifications through a team of experts experts in individual areas such as Styling, Ergonomics, CAD / CAE / CFD /Electronics / Mechatronics.

Based on three decades of experience PDD Consult is capable of delivering more robust solutions toa design problem keeping it simple & effective, yet exciting & dependable on the long run.

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PDD focus areas

  • Completely new concept of a client without precedence-New Product Design & Development
  • Aesthetic/Performance upgrade
  • Up-gradation of existing products through rationalization of different subsystems
  • Re-engineering products & rectification of functionality defects/eliminate customer field complaints (Quality improvement through robust & lean design methodologies.
  • Value engineering of inefficient designs through revised materials, manufacturing & assembly methods
  • Vendor development
  • Limited volume manufacture & supply coordination for clients not having in-house competence/experience in the downstream integration activities.


PDD can execute a product design solution by judicious integration of aesthetics, mechanical, electrical/electronics systems & derive a robust & feasible outcome.

The foundation of our approach lies in smart deployment of various materials, processes & technologies towards simplified, optimized & sensible designs.

With over 3 decades of experience in the Design & manufacturing areas, PDD Consult is adept at deploying different materials such as Metals, polymers, composites, additive manufacturing, adhesives, protective coating etc depending on the functional & performance requirements of the product.
Metal Processes:

Sheet-metal, Tubular fabrication, Forging, Die casting, sintered components, machining

Polymer/composite processes:

Injection molding, Gas assisted IM, Thermoforming, Blow molding, FRP/RTM/SMC, RTV, rapid prototyping